Limoco is ready for the future

There's been a lot said and written lately about the acquisition of family businesses. On the taxation end of things, the legislation has been completely revised; however, on the personal side as well, there are a number of issues that you as a manager will have to take into consideration sooner or later.

Over the past few months we've undergone some important changes here at Limoco, and the result is that today our company is now completely future proof.

Jan Stinkens: "To tell the truth, I hadn't really thought all that much about what would happen to the company after I was ‘gone’. It was on the recommendation of our tax advisers that I, along with my family, started considering what that future of the company might look like. Our son Tim had played an active role in the company for several years already, having gotten his start there in 2010. He took part in setting up our Domestic Ventilation Department. Last year, our youngest son Pieter also joined Limoco as a warehouse assistant.”

Wouldn't it be logical then for the company to continue being run by the next generation?

Tim Stinkens: "We've been discussing and considering it quite a bit as a family for some time now. However, in the end my partner Sarah and I came to the conclusion that we wanted to continue running the company in the long term. After all, it's not a responsibility that ought to be underestimated. I want to continue down the same road that my father intially set out on to build Limoco into the company it is today.”

"This wasn't just important to Tim. It was also an incredibly important decision where I was concerned," adds Jan. "I remember when I was 40, I still had my doubts about whether I was ready to run a business of this size. After all, Tim is only 28 years old. Still, it goes without saying that he had the advantage, since he would be able to grow into his position as a director. Sarah, Tim's partner, has recently taken up the position of HR Manager. On my part, I'm going to try and slowly move into the background; however, for the time being, I definitely have no intention of stepping down!

Tim: "Our goal in having made this decision is also to send a powerful message to our customers, our suppliers and, above all, our staff. I share my father's policy vision and am going to continue down the same path, which means that slow and steady is the best way to grow.”

Does that mean we won't be seeing any differences? "Well, actually you might, since I'm a good deal stricter," admits Tim.