Industrial ventilation

Every industrial sector requires industrial ventilation in some way or another. On the one hand, it’s needed to safeguard the people at the company, while on the other it protects the machines and buildings.
To be more specific, this ventilation may relate to:

  • welding fumes
  • spray drift
  • oil mist
  • solvent fumes
  • adhesive fumes
  • cooking smoke
  • explosive fumes
  • extruder fumes
  • exhaust gasses
  • etc.

In addition to extracting harmful and pollutant fumes, Limoco also provides cooling systems through natural ventilation, blasting hot air away (e.g. from compressors) and heating (e.g. hot air generators).
Moreover, companies are also able to rely on Limoco for ventilation in a host of other areas: technical rooms, battery charging stations, filter cabinets, silencers and acoustic enclosures, industrial extractor hoods, air ducts, etc.

Limoco NV manufactures, supplies and installs the full system, including filters, fans, pipeline network, valves and electric control panels. That said, Limoco's service already begins with the project design itself: our engineering department makes a complete study from every possible angle. As a result, we are also capable of the development, manufacture and installation of specialised customisations down to the last detail.