Limoco 2015

Limoco has an especially impressive reference list that it can present its most loyal customers with. The company has 40 employees, whose combined efforts generate a turnover in excess of seven million euros. What's more, we are constantly trying out new developments that have the potential to create even better solutions. Take for instance the CPF filter (Cyclo Power Filter), a filter system that can also be used for the extraction of (production) waste. The CPF filter has made it possible for Limoco to expand its applications to include a number of different sectors. We've divided these into five separate categories:

  • Woodworking
  • Industry
  • The food sector
  • Logistics
  • Waste extraction

New domestic ventilation department

The new offices were ready for use in May 2011.
Tim Stinkens, who tested the waters at Limoco for the first time in 2010, helped set up the Domestic Ventilation Department.
In 2014 Jan Stinkens decided to start limiting his involvement and gradually pass the torch on to son Tim. Meanwhile, his son Pieter had also joined the family business.

Our focus is on ventilation and extraction

Towards the tail-end of 2010, the Interior Construction Department (metal staircases) was sold. Meanwhile, ventilation in private homes had become mandatory in 2006, which is what inspired the Stinkens family to take their first steps into the private sector, where their expertise in industrial ventilation also had the potential to come in handy.

Jan Stinkens and Limoco go it alone

The company split up into Limoco and Industria, with Industria moving to Lanklaar. At that point Limoco became the sole property of Jan Stinkens, and remained headquartered in Opglabbeek. There were three areas of focus: industrial ventilation, dust extraction and metal constructions for interior construction (including stairs). From then on, substantial investments were made in the expansion and update of the company building and the machinery. All totalled, EUR 5 million were invested in these activities, none of which received support from subsidies. The crowning achievement was the start of construction on the new offices, a marvellous architectural gem. In 2009 the company name officially became Limoco N.V.

Limoco Industries gets new owners

The founder sold the company to the Leenders brothers, Luc & Marc. Their next step was to integrate Jan Stinkens’ company, JADI bvba, including its entire staff, into Limoco Industries. JADI brought with it its special expertise in extraction systems for joinery and woodworking companies. The next acquisition was Beckers Metaalwerken, in 1996. They specialised in interior joinery, stairs for example, but also in heavy metal constructions. At the time, the company had 44 employees. The Leenders brothers made their exit from the company in 1997.

Limoco is founded

Hendrik Klerkx founded the company 'Limburgse Montage & Constructie’ [Limburg Installations and Construction] in the basement of his home in Opglabbeek. In 1978, the company moved to its current location on the industrial site in Opglabbeek. The change was spectacular: from 1,000 to 4,000 m² in surface space, from 5 to 35 employees and a turnover comprising BEF 130 million (EUR 3.25 million) in 1990.