Why choose Limoco



Because efficiency has to be there from the start, we personally keep tabs on and are involved in this start as much as possible. What this means is that our production is strictly based on the plans we've drawn up. At the same time, however, we make the option of creating a completely new product available. We research all facets of the potential project and propose solutions based on the customer's expectations and budget. Once a decision has been made, detailed construction plans are drawn up, along with a quotation. We are transparent with the customer at every step of the development process, which includes the project's financial and technical aspects. Limoco customers are always entitled to this privilege.


In-house production

The production hall covers 4,800 m² of surface area and is equipped with over 50 stationary machines for all types of sheet metal processing in various grades of steel: galvanised or stainless steel, aluminium, copper and brass.
The bending and cutting machines process sheets up to 3 m long and 6 mm thick, and we also have vertical and horizontal presses, rollers, shearing, flange-facer and punch machines. Drawing and tracing is a thing of the past at Limoco Industries: a fully computer-controlled plasma cutting table has taken over the work, at the same time serving as an extra guarantee when it comes to accuracy and quality.
Our extensive know-how provides us with the flexibility to provide a custom solution for any request.
Each time we give the exact same amount of attention to small jobs for last-minute decision makers or super urgent 'interim' projects we prove this flexibility.


Our in-house assembly teams take care of the installation

Limoco NV's assembly teams consist of VCA*-certified employees and have the right mix of qualities: transparency, technical skills and experience. And that's what makes it possible for them to quickly identify efficient solutions to unforeseen problems. Naturally, our teams are equipped with a range of technical equipment that simplify the fitting of systems. That's so that we can guarantee installation that's quick and correct, inconveniencing our customers as little as possible.

Limoco NV’s goal is to make sure your production processes remain uninterrupted.


Service and aftercare

Because ventilation and/or extraction systems are an essential part of your business, focus on service and aftercare is one of our top priorities. This means that at all times you are guaranteed:

  • a 1 year warranty on labour and new parts
  • 24/7 service, where necessary
  • delivery from stock of all standard parts
  • a detailed instruction manual in Dutch
  • issue of CE certification + detailed parts lists in accordance with ISO 9001
  • a maintenance booklet with a detailed description of the system, which needs to be reviewed on a monthly basis
  • a record of when the customer resolves a malfunction personally
  • full precision tuning of the installation on its commissioning
  • delivery of readings at the request of the customer
  • as-built plans in Autocad at the request of the customer


Price - Quality

We work with the best materials from various European market leaders.
We will always provide you with detailed and transparent quotations, so that at any time, you have the option of tracking the process and seeing what it will cost you.